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PRO HIV 2019
PRO HIV 2019
23 - 24 of September
The congress hall of Moscow School of Management Skolkovo
Moscow Oblast, Skolkovo, Novaya st. 100
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September 23

  1. The results of a decade of progress. On the threshold of a decade of elimination
  2. The management of the epidemic
  3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in aged people with HIV infection
  4. HIV in children and adolescents: treatment and prevention
  5. Current trends in the treatment of HIV infection
  6. Pre-exposure prophylaxis: benefits and potential risks
  7. Support and counselling for youth
  8. People who use drugs: the experience of effective escort practices
  9. AIDS-related cancer
  10. ART in conditions of transformation of the profile of HIV-infected patients
  11. Sex workers: the experience of effective follow-up practices

September 24

  1. Epidemic control: successes and challenges
  2. Cellular reservoirs of HIV. New targets in the fight against infection
  3. Organization of work in modern conditions: regional experience
  4. Informing about HIV: modern opportunities and difficulties
  5. Drug resistance of HIV
  6. Men who have sex with men: risk management
  7. HCV co-infection


Evgeny Voronin
Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, chief freelance specialist on the problems of diagnosing and treating HIV infection, Ministry of Health of Russia, head of the Scientific and Practical Center for HIV Prevention and Treatment in Pregnant Women and Children, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Chief Physician PKU “Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital” of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
Alexander Pronin
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chief Medical Officer of the State Healthcare Institution MOE CPP AIDS IZ, Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region on Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infection, Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infection in the Central Federal District.
Christine Katlama
Christine Katlama is MD, a professor of infectious diseases at the Sorbonne University in Paris, has worked in the field of HIV since 1982 and participated in the discovery of HIV-2 in 1986, heads the Department of Clinical AIDS Assistance and is co-director of HIV clinical research at iPLESP (Pierre Louis Institute of Public Health and Epidemiology).
Vinay Patrick Saldana
Director of the Regional Support Group for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, UNAIDS.
Virginie Supervie
French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Inserm · Institut Pierre Louis d’Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique
Mikhail Laskov
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Clinic for Outpatient Oncology and Hematology.
Melita Vujnovich
WHO Special Representative in the Russian Federation.
Badma Bashankaev
Coloproctologist, oncologist-surgeon, head of the surgical clinic of the European Medical Center, head of the EMC coloproctology clinic.
Priscilla Hsue
MD, professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, a specialist in cardiovascular disease in HIV-positive patients, directs the Clinic of Cardiology and HIV in San Francisco.


How it was

September 20–22, 2018, an interregional conference PROHIV-2018 was held in Moscow, dedicated to combating HIV infection and developing innovative approaches to solving this problem. More than 250 people took part in it. For two days, presentations were made here: leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, officials from regional ministries of health, representatives of metropolitan and regional NGOs, and also world experts in the field of HIV: Heiko Essen, Christina Mussini and others.